In accordance with Article 39 of the Republic of Kazakhstan law “On education” from 2021 all Universities issue diplomas of education of its own type. The diploma of its own type consists of a hard cover and insert. The hard cover design: University name is on the top of the hard cover, University logo is in the middle of the hard cover.
Under the logo there is a document title in the state language – “Diploma”.

Diploma form description and content:

  1. After the words “Organization full name” name in three languages is indicated:
  • on the form left side, at top “M.Kh.Dulaty Taraz Regional University” Non-profit Joint-Stock Company”;
  • on the form right side, at top “of M.Kh.Dulaty Taraz Regional University Non-profit Joint-Stock Company”;
  • on the form right side, at bottom M.Kh.Dulaty Taraz Regional University Non-profit Joint Stock Company.
  1. After words “By the decision of Qualifying Committee”, date and protocol # are indicated (if exists).
  2. After words “Initials (if exist)” full last name in Kazakh language is indicated as in the identity card. Keep last name in Kazakh language, no declension, in the original language. Initials (if exist) of the foreign citizen are written according to national passport in Russian language, and to foreign travel passport. The language shall be agreed with a person who graduated from the university.
  3. After words “Initials (if exist)” a degree or field of study is indicated (academic or specialized).

Then a specialty / study programme code and name are indicated.

  1. After words “Form of study” (if exists) a form of study is indicated. Full-time, by correspondence, using distance technologies.
  2. In a “Басшы (The head)” field of a diploma and diploma supplement (transcript) is signed by the Chairman of the Board - Rector.
  3. After a word “Басшы (The head)” the form series and # are indicated, as well as a graduate’s QR-code.
  4. At bottom, a form issue date is indicated: a date (in digits), a month (in words) and a year (four-digit number), a form registration # according to issued forms registration book.

In the middle of a form back side a University logo is indicated, at top a University name is written, and at bottom a diploma name is written by education levels –“diploma of higher education” (diploma of higher education with honors, master’s degree)”.


  1. Bachelor’s degree diploma of our own type (with hard cover)


  1. Bachelor’s degree with honors diploma of our own type (with hard cover)


  1. Master’s degree diploma of our own type (with hard cover)