Orynbayev Seitzhan Aueszhanovich

Council Chair

Vice-Chancellor for Science and Digitalization

PhD, associate professor

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Area of activity

The Scientific and Technical Council (hereinafter - STC) of the University is a consultative and coordinating body under the Vice-Chancellor of the University and is established to consider the main issues of scientific and scientific-technical activities of the University.

The main purpose of STC work is practical assistance to the formation and realization of scientific and technical policy and activities of the university.

The main functions of the STC include deliberative, advisory, organizational, supervisory and expert work.

STC in accordance with the tasks assigned to it:

-  considers, on the basis of analysis of the state and prospects of development of domestic and foreign science and technology, recommendations for determining technical and economic policy in the main areas of activity assigned to the institute/faculty;

- considers the most important scientific and technical problems and determines the main directions of scientific research;

- recommends measures to improve the organization of research and development work and to increase its efficiency, makes proposals for the development of the most promising research and for the termination of work that is ineffective and of no practical significance;

- hears reports on the results of scientific activities of subdivisions, individual teachers and doctoral students, gives an assessment of the effectiveness of their work;

- considers drafts of prospective and annual plans of scientific - research and development work, in accordance with the main directions of the university's activities;

- considers recommendations on implementation of the most important inventions and proposals for improvement and organization of scientific and technical activities;

- proposes measures to improve scientific and technical information in the assigned area of activity;

- considers recommendations on the works nominated for prizes awarded for outstanding achievements in science and technology;

- considers proposals for holding contests for the best scientific research, experimental and design work;

- considers other issues, not provided for by this Regulation, reflecting the specifics of scientific activity of the university.