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In 1999, in honor of the celebration of the 500th anniversary of Mukhammad Khaydar Dulaty within the framework of UNESCO, the Center was established at the university by order No. 10 “On the establishment of a center for the study of the work of M. Kh. Dulaty,” issued on January 18, 1999.

On June 12, 2023, by decision of the Board of Directors, in order to consolidate, the existing centers at the university were transformed into one Scientific Research center “Dulatology and history of the region.”

               The main goal of the Center is a comprehensive study and popularization of the heritage of an outstanding public figure, scientist: historian, poet, diplomat Mukhammad Khaydar Dulaty; carrying out comprehensive research work on the history of the Taraz region and Aulieata district, preparing collections of multi-volume publications and monographic works based on generalized materials.

Main scientific directions of the center

- conducting research on the life and work of M. Kh. Dulaty;

- organization of work on the ranking of research papers with historical records dedicated to the work of M. Kh. Dulaty;

- preparation and holding of traditional "Dulatov readings" and international scientific and practical conferences on the history of the region

-  establishment of creative and scientific relations with domestic and foreign research institutes, M. Kh. Dulaty centers and the history of the region

- publication of collections of documents on the series "The history of Taraz and Aulieata districts in the Middle Ages"

- publication of monographs and textbooks on the history of Zhambyl region

Proceedings of the publishing house
  1. Mukhammad Khaydar Dulaty (Douglat) (1499-1551) – an outstanding statesman of the XVI century, a famous historian, poet, diplomat, military commander. The great thinker lived in an era when the history of the Kazakh people was emerging. The main stages of his life took place in Central Asia - Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, East Turkestan and Tibet. He wrote the historical and memoir work "Tarikh-i Rashidi" on the history of these peoples and the poem "Jahan nameh". The bibliographic, biographical reference book devoted to the life and work of one of the greatest thinkers includes literature about the great personality and works of the thinker. This work, written between 1829 and 2018, is presented in Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Uzbek, Tajik, Uighur, Turkish, Persian, Russian, as well as in English, German and French.
  1. The collection consists of articles by scientists of Kazakhstan about the outstanding statesman, historian, poet, thinker Mukhammad Khaydar Dulaty (1499-1551), written in different years. It tells in detail about the life and work of a famous figure.
  2. The M.Kh. Dulaty Taraz Regional University conducts extensive organizational work on the study of the life and legacy of the first historian, thinker, writer Mukhammad Khaydar Dulaty, who made a great contribution to the formation of science and culture, literature of the peoples of Central Asia. The traditional international scientific and practical conference, held regularly every two years, occupies an important place in the research devoted to the great thinker. The scientific collection, prepared on the eve of the 60th anniversary of the university, is based on the materials of the conference. Articles by scientists from different years, written on different topics, are selected here.
  3. In this book, for the first time, the historical-philological, cognitive-philosophical works of the M. Kh. Dulaty (1499-1551) are systematized, materials for study are presented. The personality of Dulaty as a statesman, commander, writer, artist, scientist is widely revealed. A great thinker, he was primarily a historian, he was also the first Kazakh memoirist writer. In this work, the work of the great scientist is considered within the framework of special topics and introduces readers to unexpected discoveries.
  4. The textbook examines historical data concerning the first Kazakh khans, the political power of the Kazakh Khanate of the II half of the XV and I half of the XVI century, the system of legal management, politics and social status, ethnography and ethnogenesis of the Kazakh people, ethnonyms of other ethnic groups.
  5. 2016 became a golden milestone of our spiritual culture and was declared by UNESCO as the "Year of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi". The collection includes scientific articles by K. A. Yasavi, a propagandist of Islam, a prominent representative of Sufi teachings, and domestic scientists who comprehensively studied spiritual harmony and historical continuity in the works of our ancestors-statesman, great scientist, poet M. Kh. Dulaty.
  6. This book can be considered as an encyclopedic work concerning the versatility of Mirza Khaidar Dulaty's work "Tarikh-i Rashidi". The manuscript in the work covers three areas of this work: language, literature, and history. Specific examples from the work on each topic are taken from the original texts in Turkic and Persian with comments in Kazakh. Informs readers about the latest translations and research of the work of Tarikh-i Rashidi.
  7. The work of Mirza Mukhammad Khaydar Dulaty "Tarikh-i Rashidi", being a historical and literary work, includes such areas as history, literature, psychology, philosophy, geography, language and others."Tarikh-i Rashidi" presents the political and historical relations between the Mughal khans, Sheibani Khan, the dynasties of Amir Temir, the emirs of Dulat, the Kazakh Khanate, while working on the work, the author used other historical studies. More detailed information is given about such historical written sources as "Tarikh-e Zhakhangoshai" by Ata Malik Jovein, "Zhami-at-tauarih", Fazlollah Rashideddin, "Zafarname" by Sharafaddin Ali Daisdi, used by Mirza Khaidar in the work "Tarikh-i Rashidi", thanks to which readers are familiarized with medieval written data.
  8. The work of Mirza Mukhammad Khaydar Dulaty "Tarikh-i Rashidi", being a historical and literary work, includes such areas as history, literature, psychology, philosophy, geography, language and others. Therefore, we can say that this work is encyclopedic in nature. For this reason, it is a difficult work for the reader as a whole.

The authors studied the work of Tarikh-i Rashidi and, in order for it to be effective for the general public, divided it into different areas. To this end, they investigated the origin, historical causes, place in Turkic literature and connections with Kazakh literature in various genres of poetry of Oriental literature, which were mentioned in the work, based on modern and political circumstances. The book as a textbook is addressed to literature teachers, students, applicants and other literature lovers.

  1. This monograph by Islam Zhemeney examines the spiritual, literary and cultural worldview of our people before the fifteenth century. Along with a detailed description of the life and work of the country's outstanding historian-writer M. Kh. Dulaty, data is provided on the life path and works of his fellow writers such as Atai, Sakaki, Lutpi. In his work, the researcher examines the famous Iranian saga "Shahnameh" from a new point of view concerning the history and literature of our people.
  2. This book presents new opinions and views voiced at scientific meetings of government, public figures and scientists of the country, who were part of the official delegation, organized for the first time for the 500th anniversary of the great scientist, poet, statesman, commander Mukhammad Khaydar Dulaty together with scientists from the universities of Delhi, Srinagar.
  3. "Textology of the work "Tarikh-i Rashidi" in Persian" by Mirza Khaidar Dulaty. The work is a general piece prepared on the basis of comparison with London, Tehran manuscripts published in Uzbekistan and Iran, based on the version from the manuscript collection of Tajikistan. The main advantage of the textual work is that Mirza Khaydar Dulaty compiled a dictionary in Persian and Kazakh languages, where there are dozens of Kazakh words used in his work, and the full text of the work has been preserved to this day. Secondly, he gave Kazakh and Persian translations of Turkic poems. In his article "The Mirror of the History of Taraz" in Persian, he defines the historical and cultural place of the city of Taraz in Central Asia. Another advantage of the work is that the author introduces researchers to the latest editions of research translations of Dulaty’s work "Tarikh-i Rashidi" in Persian. Oriental scholars with knowledge of the Persian language all over the world have the opportunity to get acquainted with the Tarikh-i Rashidi studies in Kazakhstan, which is the first time when a textual work is written in Kazakh Oriental studies.
  4. The book contains literary research and critical articles on the history of national literature, the continuation of traditions, the works of outstanding poets and writers, artistic research and topical issues of modern literature. The saga "Zhakhan nameh" by M. Kh. Dulaty, an outstanding historian, commander, talented man of the XVI century, is analyzed, his cognitive continuity with Kazakh folk literature is demonstrated.
  5. In the Soviet period, the solution of the agrarian issue began with the decree "On Land" and continued with the transition to organization, when first the peasants were allocated land, and then without any conditions, by which the land was transferred to private, cooperative ownership. The research paper analyzes the course of the campaigns of forced collectivization in the Aulieata region in the 20-30s of the twentieth century, the causes and consequences of which are determined on the basis of factual materials. The book is intended for researchers, students, undergraduates and the general public interested in studying the history of the Fatherland.
  6. The research paper analyzes the internal political conditions in the south of Kazakhstan in the 20-30s of the twentieth century and identifies, based on factual materials, the reasons for how punitive authorities restrained disagreement with the political directions of the center through harsh repressive measures. The book is intended for researchers, students, undergraduates and the general public interested in studying the history of the Fatherland.
  7. In February 2023, the Department of Marketing and Career Guidance of M. Kh. Dulaty Taraz Regional University, together with the Dulatology Scientific Research Center, organized an online essay contest among school students in Zhambyl region on the topic "The educational significance of the work of Mukhammad Khaydar Dulaty". The competition received essays written by many students. The best of these essays are selected and presented in the collection. The students' reflections on the Great Thinker M. Kh. Dulaty, their own opinions and quotations indicate their search and interest in the topic.
  8. The concepts of "world" and "man" in the ancient Turkic worldview, reflected in the ancient Turkic monuments, are analyzed on the basis of materials from the heritage of the Middle Ages. The semantics of linguistic units related to the "concept of "Man"" in the ancient Turkic worldview was analyzed and formulated in combination with the concept of Abay "Tolyk Adam". The concept of "peace" in the worldview of the ancient Turks of the Tengri era was differentiated within the framework of the views of the Sumerians and the ancient Turks. The continuity of traditions and the continuity of ideas in the spiritual heritage in the monograph are analyzed from the point of view of the unity of the concepts of "Man + World+ Time+Freedom."
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