Scientific research work of students at the University is an integral part of the educational process and is an effective means of improving the level of professional training of young competitive, intellectually developed specialists with a sense of patriotism and civic responsibility.

Scientific research work of students at the university is carried out:

- in the framework of the educational process - it is the fulfillment of laboratory works and course projects with elements of scientific research, preparation of scientific reports, abstracts, diploma research, etc..;

- Outside the educational process - works performed as part of student scientific clubs (SSC), participation of students (in groups or individually) in search-initiative and contract research;

- In organizational and mass events based on the results of scientific research work of student - these are contests and conferences of various levels.

Involvement of students in scientific research activities begins in the first year and continues continuously in subsequent years.  As students are involved in cientific research work of student, the most enterprising and active, capable and showing special interest in research activities, interested in the gradual accumulation of scientific data and obtaining scientific research results, are identified.

Disclosure of creative abilities of students and identification of talented young people capable of scientific research activities is one of the most important tasks of our university.

The main goal of student science development is to win leading positions in the scientific field and a high level of training of highly qualified specialists in demand in the global market.



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