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Mission of the department

We believe that the new development strategy and the creation of a quality assurance system for educational services will help improve the rating of Dulati University.

The purpose of the department

The purpose of the department's activities is to develop a strategic development program and monitor its implementation, organize accreditation processes, organize the work of the rating system and the quality management system.

Main management tasks
  • Development of a Strategic development program, monitoring the implementation of the strategic development program, analysis of reports on the strategic plan, preparation of the final report at the university level;
  • Organization and implementation of work on participation in International and national Ratings;
  • Organization of accreditation processes and post-monitoring of educational programs;
  • Development of quality policy and goals and communicating it to the university staff;
  • Development of the University's quality management system in accordance with the requirements of MS ISO 9001:2015;
  • Periodic updating and updating of QMS documentation;
  • Conducting internal seminars in the field of development strategy, QMS, accreditation and rating;
  • Organization and analysis of the results of internal and external audits (audit) in accordance with the requirements of the QMS
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The results of a comprehensive internal audit at Dulati University


In accordance with ISO 9001:2015 procedures, in January and February 2024, the Accreditation, Rating and Quality Assurance Department conducted a comprehensive internal audit of the activities of all structural divisions of Dulati University, including departments, deans, departments, centers, etc.

Before the start of the comprehensive audit, the Strategic Development Department held an opening meeting of internal auditors and heads of structural divisions departments where they were familiarized with the audit program and its main criteria.

5 audit groups from among experienced teachers and staff of the department were involved in the work. All auditors have a valid certificate of the Kazakhstan Quality Organization and are certified as «Internal auditors of the quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 (ST RK ISO 9001-2016)».

During the inspection, the following was determined:

– 22 structural divisions have activities that meet the requirements:

– in 98 structural divisions, 266 acts of non–compliance were issued, signed by the heads of the relevant services, of which 146 acts indicate significant inconsistencies, 120 - minor ones.

After the end of the internal audit, a closing meeting was held, corrective action plans were drawn up and work was carried out on them. Educational and administrative departments were given up to 2 weeks to correct the identified inconsistencies, and for more complex issues such as building repairs and equipment purchase, a longer period is required to eliminate them with the involvement of the university management and significant financial resources.

All identified nonconformities are recorded in the nonconformity log in order to control their elimination and non-repetition in the future. The results of the conducted comprehensive internal audit were reviewed and discussed at the Academic Council of Dulati University with the adoption of appropriate decisions.




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