Head of digital archive

Contact number: 87759332557


Address: Tole Bi, 60, 2.5-114

Goals and objectives

The digital archive is a structural unit of the M.Kh. Dulaty Taraz Regional University. The chronological boundaries of archival documents are documents from 1950 to the present.

The purpose of the digital archive is to provide methodological guidance in the process of ensuring the storage and accounting of documents formed in the course of the university's activities, which have practical and scientific significance.

The main tasks of the digital archive are:

  • provision of the university digital archive with documents resulting from the university's activities;
  • accounting, preservation, creation of a scientific reference apparatus,
  • use of documents temporarily stored in the digital archive of the University;
  • reception, accounting, storage, issuance/ return, periodic selection (to be written off and destroyed) of documents completed in office work:
  • personal files of students who have been expelled or graduates;
  • personal files of university staff after dismissal;
  • graduation projects (works) of graduates;
  • alumni records;
  • student body orders;
  • transfer certificates;
  • accounting documents;
  • general office work: incoming and outgoing documents;
  • requests from government agencies to confirm the fact of a student's studies at the university;
  • requests from other educational institutions for students in case of their transfer;
  • other documents completed in the office;
  • monitoring of submitted documents;
  • preparation and timely transfer of documents related to the implementation of the University's development strategy.