Reception phone: 8 (7262) 51-40-13

Address: 16A Zhambyl Ave., Taraz

Mission of the Institute

Formation of a competitive personality of a teacher of the XXI century, making a professional contribution to the development of the human capital of the country and having an active civic position.

Dean's office
Djoldasova Orynkyz Kopbosinova


Contact phone number: 8 (7262) 51-40-13

Address: 16A Zhambyl Ave., 5.1.208

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Almuratov Bakyt Temirkhanovich

Deputy Director for Educational and methodological work

Contact phone number: 8 (701) 2064815

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Address: 16A Zhambyl Ave., 5.1.205

Isayev Zaurbek Amandykoh

Deputy Director for Educational work

Contact phone number:: 8 (747) 9926818

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Address: 16A Zhambyl Ave., 5.1.301

Elubaeva Mirsat Saylaubekovna

Deputy Director for Scientific work

Contact phone number:: 8 (705) 3190295

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Address: 16A Zhambyl Ave., 5.1.305

Material and technical base

To ensure the educational process of educational programs, the Institute has all the necessary educational and material assets. The buildings and structures of the Institute comply with the current sanitary standards and fire safety requirements. Classroom and laboratory facilities, classrooms, dormitories and other premises, sports facilities comply with the established norms and rules. The Institute has 6 academic buildings, 1 dormitory, 1 agricultural station, 15 registered classrooms.Systematic work is constantly carried out to update and improve the material and technical base of educational programs.The Institute has 21 computer classes, 2 language rooms and 2 electronic reading rooms. The Institute has 47 modern interactive projectors and 7 mobile LED systems.


According to the results of the National rating of pedagogical universities of the Independent Agency for quality assurance in education (NAOKO) The Institute occupies a leading position. In 2018 - 3rd place in the nomination "national rating of pedagogical universities" and "Academic activity of the University"; 2nd place- "Reputation among employers" and "Expert assessment". In 2019 - 4th place in the nomination "national rating of pedagogical universities" and "Academic activity of the University"; 3rd place - "Reputation among employers" and "Expert assessment".

Our alumnus

Isimbayeva Gulmira Istaybekovna

In 1978, she graduated from the faculty of Philology. Deputy Chairman of the Majlis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Mirazova Ayagul Toreevna

In 1972, she graduated from the faculty of mathematics. For many years she worked as the Director of the multidisciplinary gymnasium No. 159. Altynsarina of Almaty. Hero of labor of Kazakhstan

Damir Budanbekov

He graduated from the faculty of Philology, honored master of sports. Head coach of the national Boxing team of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a coach who has trained masters of sports in several foreign countries.

Bolat Zhumadilov

Winner and medalist of world Championships, two-time Olympic medalist, honored master of sports, holder of the orders "Kurmet" and "Parasat", captain of the internal troops of the Ministry of internal Affairs

Niyazymbetov, Bolat

A boxer. Bronze medalist at the 1996 Olympic games. Winner and prize-winner of many international competitions

Firuza Sharipova

A boxer. World champion in the 2nd Featherweight. Bronze medalist of the Asian championship. At the Championships of Kazakhstan, she won two gold, one silver and one bronze.

Dosymzhan Tanatarov

Honored worker of Kazakhstan, Laureate of the state youth award Daryn

Kurmash Mahan

Composer, singer

Takhmina Ashimbekova

Singer, laureate of the XIII international festival “Asia Dauysy”

Beibit Seidualieva



The policy of research work of the faculty of the Institute is aimed at the implementation of fundamental, search and applied works in the field of natural-mathematical and humanitarian-pedagogical Sciences. R & d and R & d bring together talented young people who are ready for active research and project activities.

At the Institute, research is carried out within the framework of 5 scientific directions. Over the past year, scientists and specialists of the Institute have published 22 monographs and published 750 scientific articles, including 94 articles in foreign publications. Of the 94 articles published in foreign publications, 58 were published in international peer-reviewed journals with a non-zero impact factor, of which 32 were published in journals included in the information base of Web ofScience(Clarivate Analytics).

The Institute has scientific and educational centers: the center "Bauyrzhantanu" , the center for the study of the Turkestan region named after Zh. balasaguni, the ethno-innovative center "Zheruyyk" , the center for self-knowledge, the center for correctional support of children's speech development, etc.

The Institute has professional schools aimed at the formation of competent teaching staff: the school of young mathematicians of Professor Muratbekov M. B., the school for the formation of national values among students and employees "Mangilik El", "Sheshendikoner" Mektebi, "Adeptilikzhanekorkemdilik" Mektebi.

The Institute has a modern laboratory of Robotics and Cybernetics. The robotics laboratory provides consulting services to secondary schools for the implementation of elective courses related to robotics in the educational process.

Educational and Methodical work

Educational activities at the Institute are conducted in 33 bachelor's degree programs, 13 master's degree programs, 9 PhD doctoral programs. The content of educational programs is focused on the needs of social partners and employers.

The Institute trains trilingual personnel in the priority pedagogical educational programs "History", "computer Science", "Mathematics", "Chemistry", "Biology", "Preschool education and upbringing", "Physics", "Pedagogy and methods of primary education". In total, there are more than 400 students.

The number of students is about 4317 people (1145 people studying on the grant).

Every year, the faculty of the University improves their skills in leading foreign, national universities and centers: NewCastle University (great Britain), Wildau University of applied Sciences (Germany), Vytautas the Great University (Republic of Lithuania), SeniorExpertService, the center for pedagogical excellence of AOO NIS, NCPC "Orleu", KazNPU. Abay, al-Farabi Kazakh national University, and others, actively participating in scientific and methodological conferences, seminars, and trainings.

The Institute provides elements of dual training in the educational programs "Physical culture and sports", in which the practical part of the training takes place in the sports complex" Taraz-arena"," design"," Vocational training "-in the College" Aspara"," ASYL - Design"," Preschool education and upbringing "-in the preschool institutions" Inzhu " and secondary schools No. 33, No. 35.

For more effective rapprochement of the University with employers, there are currently 35 branches of departments in institutions and organizations where dual training classes, scientific research and professional practices of students are held.

Educational work

One of the priority tasks of the Institute is to implement a set of measures to educate young people with high civil and moral principles, a sense of patriotism and social responsibility.

At the Institute, students acquire professional skills and acquire the knowledge necessary for further self-determination in the profession and life.

The Institute aims to become a scientific and methodological center for the training of teachers, providing highly qualified specialists to the labor market not only in the Zhambyl region, but also in Kazakhstan as a whole.

  • Kanat Korkemzhan – the First place of the Republican contest "100 best scientific projects of the year". "STUDENT of the YEAR" in the region.
  • Abylay Galiya-Winner of the medal "Author of the best scientific project". Winner of the regional nomination "Best young scientist".
  • Alpysbay Aknur-Winner of the regional nomination "Best volunteer".
  • Nusipzhanov Yersultan-Winner of the regional nomination "Best SMM student".
  • Yermek Meyirzhan-letter of Gratitude from the mayor of Taraz for the contribution to the development and prosperity of the city of Taraz.
  • Asbec Elisat the champion of Asia in Sambo, a silver champion of the world.
  • D. Toland, N. Abdrahman, A. Kuanish – first place for project of the Republican summer camp "Zerendi" .
  • Kadraliev Aibek –the Best KDM of the region, the 3rd place in the Republic.
  • KVN "Ryan-Nur" - the champion of the open League Aylie Ata
  • KVN "Jokers" - the Best KVN team in the region among universities.