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Director of Students Creativity Development Center

Phone number: 8 (7262) 52-08-28

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Address: Taraz, Satpayev, 28, 6.1


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The Center for the Development of Student Creativity is a structural unit of M.Kh.Dulaty Taraz State University and reports directly to the vice-rector for educational work and social issues. In its activities, the center is guided by regulatory and administrative documents of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, international and republican quality standards, the Charter of the university, as well as this Regulation.
The University’s Strategic Development Plan focuses on supporting talented youth. The goal of the Center for the Development of Students' Creativity is to reveal creative potential, the comprehensive development of students and the education of a competitive personality.
Tasks of the center:
- organization of activities of creative studios and groups;
- identification of gifted, capable youth and their involvement in the studio;
- organization of high-level university-wide cultural events and active participation in republican, regional and city events, using a creative approach, to strengthen the internal and external image of the university.
- the formation of amateur art groups to promote national art among youth;
- giving confidence in their capabilities through the participation of student youth in the public life of the university;
- creation of conditions for the formation of a competitive, comprehensively developed personality of future specialists;
- improve the cultural and professional level of performers;
- providing conditions for participation in regional and city creative competitions;
- organization of cultural events, creative events for the development of patriotic feelings, spiritual and moral qualities and aesthetic taste of students.
crts rektor studentyThe university has created all the conditions for student youth to effectively use their free time from school and be able to engage in self-development and broadening their horizons. During the propaganda work and the competition “Zhas Talant”, the creative abilities of students are revealed and attracted to the studio, where after school hours they receive general cultural training in the form of practical exercises in choreographic, vocal, model studios, in folk instrument studios, and this year a new one was opened the direction is the school of leaders. In total, 515 students are currently engaged in all of the faculties in the creative studios of the Center, which is 8.2% of the total number of students studying at the university (1% according to the Strategic Plan).


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Kurmanalieva Zhania


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Zhakypbaeva Nadira


In the choreographic studio of the center (the head of the dance groups "Asylay", "Arai", "Arnau" A. Orynbaeva, the head of the dance groups "Gauһartas", "Asadal", "Turan", "Kalinka" J. Kurmanalieva - the head of the modern dance group " ”and cheerleading) students who did not know how to dance and sing before, as a result of intensive rehearsal sessions and regular performances on the university stages and cultural events of the region, achieve a professional level of performing skills.

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In the classes of the folk instrument studio (supervisor D. Basygaraev), students receive practical skills in the technique of performing kui on dombra, as well as knowledge of the culture, history, traditions of the Kazakh people.


Basykaraev Didar
Head of the studio of Kazakh folk instruments

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The most gifted students in the ensemble of folk instruments “Tumar” perform on the stages of the university and the city.


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kaldybaeva aisulu


laboratory assistant

In the model studio, all interested students are taught to move beautifully, flexibly, gracefully and professionally, walk on the catwalk, (demonstrate outfits). National stylized stage costumes, qualitatively made by highly qualified masters for models, are known throughout the republic for originality and graceful lines, are in demand, meet the aesthetic taste, arouse the interest of spectators and are an adornment of any holiday. University students in such scenic costumes with national color perform on various stages, meet high-ranking guests coming on an official visit, which is pride and prestige for the university.

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modelnaya studiya


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In the lessons of the vocal studio (supervisor B. Soltanbekova and N. Zharasbekov), students develop their musical abilities, gain knowledge about the work of the vocal apparatus, the qualities of the vocal sound, performance technique, stage culture and musical literature. During the school year, vocally gifted students have the opportunity to speak in front of a large audience on the stages of the university concert halls, the city culture center, and participate in creative competitions in the city and region. Singers perform solo, as well as in the duet “Zhasnur”, the trio “Tarlan”, “Nazar”, the group “Zhalyn” songs of Kazakh, Uzbek, Russian, Ukrainian, Turkmen, Korean, Indian, Polish, Armenian authors.

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kuwakov aziz



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iwabaev musabek



The university created the vocal and instrumental ensemble "Univer" (leader A. Kushakov), equipped with all the necessary instruments (drum kit, guitar, bass, shaker, keyboard, Conga). VIE is very successful and popular among students and teachers.

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In this academic year, the School of Presenters began (the leader G. Dzhurabaeva), which makes it possible to prepare in more leading events, to educate students in the ability to speak to a huge audience, to master the stage culture, to give confidence in their capabilities, which in the future will help to master his main profession, becoming a comprehensively developed, competitive specialist.

In this regard, we note that the famous graduates of M.Kh.Dulaty Taraz State University are popular pop singers like  Beibit Seydualieva, Dosymzhan Tangatarov, Takhmina Ashimbekova, Қurmash Makhanov, Gaukhar Kaspagova, Maralbek Babakulov, Madina Sagymbekova who Raushan Zhumagulova, who always have a good relationship and love their almamater.


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