“Financial and Economic Service” is a structural unit of the RSE on REU “M.Kh. Dulaty TarSU" The service is headed by the head of the service - the chief accountant. The service operates by sector of activity: the planning department, payroll sector, scholarship accrual sector, inventory accounting sector, fee-based education sector.
The main objectives of the “Financial and Economic Service” are the planning, accounting, control and analysis of the economic activities of RSE on REU “M.Kh. Dulaty TarSU":
Timely drafting of estimates by state order and the university’s own activities, which are submitted to the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The annual planning of the university’s income and expenses for the corresponding academic year, the development of measures to improve the planning and financing system of the university, and the promotion of workers of RSE on REU “M.Kh. Dulaty TarSU".
Direct participation in the preparation and renewal of contracts for a fee, both with applicants during the admissions committee, and with students studying throughout the school year.
Monitoring the timely receipt of funds for training contingent on a paid basis.
The annual compilation of the staffing of academic staff, АУП, educational support staff of the university, compiling a list of academic staff for the corresponding academic year.
Accrual and issuance of scholarships to students, undergraduates, and doctoral students according to their academic performance in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On the Republican Budget”.
Ensuring, together with other departments of the university, the correct and efficient use of labor and money allocated from the budget of the republic for the maintenance of the university, as well as extra-budgetary funds.
Providing control over the availability and movement of property, the use of material, labor and financial resources, in accordance with the approved norms, standards, estimates.
Collection, registration and generalization of information on assets, equity, liabilities, income and expenses of RSE on REU “M.Kh. Dulaty TarSU" regulated by accounting standards.
Timely prevention of negative phenomena of economic and financial activities and the mobilization of on-farm resources.
Conducting tax and statistical accounting in accordance with regulatory documents and the provision of financial statements in a timely manner to higher relevant authorities.